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Common Heating Problems

  • Heating system is not working properly

  • Can not regulate temperature

  • Certain rooms or offices are too hot or too cold

  • Heated air has odd odor

  • Smell gas or something burning

  • The thermostat is not working properly

  • Odd noises from heater/furnace

Energy Bill Savings Tips

Ensure your heating system is warming your home at optimum levels when you want it.  Here’s how you can save:

  • Yearly system inspections

  • Sealing of vents and duct work

  • Proper home insulation levels

  • Implementation of zoning systems

  • Routine cleaning and servicing of HVAC system by Factory Trained Professional

  • Adjustment of gas pressure by trained professional

Does your furnace work for you?

Gas Furnaces are efficient and effective.  We would like to provide you with some information to help in the decision making process of your heating system.

Armstrong Air Furnaces are reliable, efficient heat when you need it.  Gas furnaces are the choice for the majority of modern homes with central heating and air conditioning.

A gas furnace is the heating component in a majority of systems in colder weather climates.  It converts gas to heat.  The main components to a furnace include burners and heat exchanger, blower and controls.  Armstrong Air gas furnaces are built to perform again and again, year after year.  Beyond performance, we also provide options for energy-efficient operation.  In fact, some of our furnaces operate over 97% efficiency, which means that 97% of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home.

A gas furnace, or forced-air heating system, reacts when the room air temperature drops below your programmed setting on the thermostat.  The silicone nitride igniter lights a burner inside the combustion chamber.  The heat created is then pushed into the heat exchanger, where the air is then heated.  This newly heated air moves through the ductwork and into the rooms of the house.  The combustion gases used to create the heat are vented through a flue in the roof or wall.

Comfort Sync Technology

Enjoy sophisticated system management, unprecedented control and exceptional energy savings with a Comfort Sync thermostat.  It’s the best way to get the most out of every part of your Armstrong Air system.

Ask us how you can switch to a Comfort Sync managed system today!