Air Conditioners

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Common Air Conditioning Problems

  • Air conditioner is not working properly or won’t turn on

  • The air from the air conditioning unit smells funny

  • Certain rooms or offices are too hot or too cold

  • Strange noises are coming from the air conditioner

  • Air is not circulating properly

  • The air conditioner pipes are freezing

  • No air or minimal air flow from vents in certain rooms

Energy Bill Savings Tips

Ensure your air conditioning system is cooling your home at optimum levels when you want it.  Here’s how you can save:

  • Yearly system inspections

  • Sealing of vents and duct work

  • Proper home insulation levels

  • Implementation of zoning systems

  • Routine cleaning and servicing of HVAC system by Factory Trained Professional

  • Adjustment of gas pressure by trained professional

Does your A/C work for you?

Proline Heating & Air Conditioning offers the broadest array of air conditioning in Wisconsin.  Air conditioning adds a whole new element to your comfort during those hot summer days.  Today’s air conditioners are more comfortable and efficient than ever.  We can get you up and running with air conditioning right away.

Central Air conditioners are split systems: an outdoor unit (the condensing unit) and an indoor unit (air handler).  The function of an air conditioner is to transport heat from inside the house to outside.  The vehicle your system uses to carry the heat is called a refrigerant, commonly referred to as Freon.

The compressor in your outdoor unit changes the refrigerant (or “Freon”) into a high temperature, high pressure gas.  As that gas flows through the outdoor coil, it loses heat and condenses into a high temperature, high pressure liquid.  This liquid refrigerant travels through copper tubing into the evaporator coil.  There the refrigerant expands.  Its sudden expansion turns the refrigerant into a low temperature, low pressure gas.

This gas then absorbs heat from the air circulating in the duct work.  The cooled air is then distributed back through your house or place of business.  Meanwhile, the heat absorbed by the refrigerant is carried back outside through copper tubing and released into the outside air.

Dirty coils and improper refrigerant levels can cause your system to cool less efficiently than it should.  An inefficient system means higher energy bills.  It also forces your compressor to work harder than is necessary and can actually shorten the life span of your unit.  An annual air conditioning inspection an experienced technician includes an inspection of the coils and the checking of your refrigerant charge, to ensure that your system is running efficiently.

Comfort Sync Technology

Enjoy sophisticated system management, unprecedented control and exceptional energy savings with a Comfort Sync thermostat.  It’s the best way to get the most out of every part of your Armstrong Air system.

Ask us how you can switch to a Comfort Sync managed system today!